Basically, if you put it briefly - the article is a clear candidate for schizoposting. They tried to touch on serious topics, but it turned out as if they just pressed buttons between psychedelic sessions.

The author tried to tackle global problems, but ended up with a desperate patchwork of IT depression, ecological apocalypse, and science fiction.

Of course, if data centers had such an impact on the psyche, there would be deserts around them by now, not offices filled with people. Like, let's build bases on the moon for IT folks, yeah right.

The idea of ​​housing servers on the Moon is beyond reality. But the author is serious, and this is where the real schizo starts as if it's a leak of secret NASA files from a parallel universe, where Elon Musk is the emperor of Mars, and the Moon has just become a huge hard drive for storing memes.

And the idea of "mourning data" is already top-notch, a kind of meme from the future that someone decided to turn into reality. "Farewell, 'report.docx' file, I no longer need you." It's as if there was a trash can for digital trash in every apartment, and every evening there would be an anthem of farewell before its next clearing.

Also, I had a laugh at the image of a hypertensive programmer in a data center. What was he even doing there? Any respectable data center is a controlled access facility.

Hard drives are now becoming obsolete, and flash-array storage systems are the norm. The operation of emergency power systems is for emergencies or pre-emergency situations (or for short-term testing).

AFAIK, data centers do not consume water. At most, they exist in it.

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