Sitemap - 2022 - Do Not Research

Jak Ritger: Digital Economy Models

Harris Rosenblum: Algorithmic Alienation and Transcendence

Most Dismal Swamp: MUSH

Screening + Q&A: Jon Rafman: Punctured Sky (2021) w/ Filip Kostic

Do Not Research: Random Forest: A Reading Room

Screening + Q&A: Jane Schoenbrun: We're All Going to the World's Fair (2021) w/ Tomi Faison

Abbey Pusz: DIGITAL LOCAL: The Post Internet Artists

Sam Lavigne: Real Deepfakes and Fake Deepfakes

Leith Benkhedda: The Internet of Friends

Jak Ritger: DIGITAL LOCAL: Prehistory of Viral Media

xleepy fay: femcel z-dolls and the memetic urge surfing of their irl compulsive insanity

Eva & Franco Mattes: Abuse Standards Violations (Excerpt)

Sakshi Rakshale: Jim-cels Vs 'Mirin-chads

Spencer Longo: TIME

Thomas Mader: This image will become important later

Lena Peplińska: Think of a number from 1 to 77. Conspiracy theories as memetic dreams

João Enxuto & Erica Love:

Jacob Hurwitz-Goodman: Oh My Darling

David Noel: Physically Strong, Mentally Awake, and Morally Straight

Angel Emoji: Like It or Not, I'm Dropping a Huge Bomb of Joy on Your Heart

Hamzat Raheem: Nude Self Portrait (DNR Mode)

Sam Stewart: I Love it When the Images, When the Images Wash Over Me

Jacob Engblom:

Eternal Engine: Enter The Chamber

PostPostPost: In Defense of The Edgelord

Lucia Santina Ribisi: Climate Chaos, Baby (Trailer)

Morgane Billuart: Elevated and Upgraded: The Paradigms of Female Health and Body Optimization

Mythical Institution: Bauen Wohnen Denken

Jan Berger: Compressed Time — Final Fantasy VIII as a Model of Our World

Nicholas Aloisio-Shearer: Reject Modernity, Embrace Tradition II: I Have Been In This Place Before

Reuben Dendinger: Political Identity After Wikipedia

Julianna Ham: Cultural Learnings of a Post-Borat America

Pedro Gossler: Fanfic Politics

Blake Robbins: Data Collection Chant for 16 Voices

Sarah Chekfa: Viral When You Cry (On Main)

Brandon Bandy & Rachel Jackson: Network Spirituality

Brandon Bandy: Selected Sculptures

Rachel Jackson: Hypertext Monuments


Alex Both: Landforms

Owen Carry: The “Blovad Effect,” Camouflage-Core, and What It Means for Post-Corny Fashion

Noture Bosnuze: The Prelon in the Desert

coldsteel003: Simfiltrator

K8 Howl: Rippin' Off the Bandaid!

Anna Eisenman: HOLLOW and BLACKHOLE

Joe Iovino: Rivelino Hyper-Vigilance Apparatus

Max Dauven: Esoteric Memes

Vector Lab in collaboration with Avery Corp: Special Research Report: Getting Rich Quick

Jeremiah Currier: Visualizing "Hyperstructures"

Sean Kennedy: Art is Everything

Guillermo Gutiérrez Arribas: Politipoly

Henry Allan: Final Culture War Veteran, 2081

Any Angel: Realness Scars

Georgica Pettus: Gargoyle3699 (You, Me, and GPT-3)

Eliška Jahelková: LOVELOAD (extended)

Jake Hasapopoulos: Hunter & Noelle

Leo Elia Jung & Jae August: The Living Diamonds of Yakutia

DJ Meisner: LARPing as a Compassionate Boulder

Andrea Karch: In de Duysent Vrees (Amid the Thousand Fears)

Aidan Walker: Gossip Girl Memes And Elizabethan Court Poetry

Dakotah Weeks Murphree: are you there God? It’s me, user @867778852908

Sean Jewell: The A͎C͎T͎I͎V͎E͎ ͎A͎R͎T͎I͎S͎T͎ and The ᴱᵀᴱᴿᴺᴬᴸ 𖣘 ᴿᴱᵀᵁᴿᴺ

Dylan Serventi: Reality Shifting

Anthony Discenza: Computational Infrastructures

Matt Shaw: Net Architecture

Nick Bird: I will Not Rest Until Every Coal Car in America is Covered with Politigram Memes.

Laura Gede: Lurker

Kayla Drzewicki: Cursor Series

Brandon Bandy: Selected Sculptures 2

Twee Whistler: Conspiracy Advertisement Campaign

Transformers: Terminal (Trailer) by Tomi Faison & Miles Engel-Hawbecker

Arverne Cinema: Do Not Research in Rockaway

Rhizome Presents: Do Not Research Book Launch at the New Museum

Do Not Research: Group Show

DNR IRL @ lower_cavity by Toniann Fernandez

Joshua Citarella: How to Plant a Meme

Dana Greenleaf: Areyouwinningson?

Harris Rosenblum: More Than Orcs

Caleb Cain: Millenarian Dreams of the Schizo-scene

K8 Howl: Domestic Cozy Starter Pack

Morgane Billuart: Cycles: The Sacred and the Doomed

Nick Vyssotsky: (Cobwebs Spun Back & Forth In The Sky)

Chris Mansour: Notes on Cryptofash

Tomi Faison: 11 Notes From the Pod

Sam Stewart: The Rise and Fall of the American Valkist Party

Sam Stewart: Roblox Valkist Visualization

Jak Ritger: Behind the Production of COLLIDER

Sara Bezovsek: SND

Xavier Rotnofsky: Calabasas 1/26/20

Abby Orler: Investigating the Instagram Infographic Industrial Complex

Do Not Research: Over-Hyphenated Platform Capitalism Futures

Benjamin Hall: Compasses

Interview With Theo Anthony by Tomi Faison

Mike Pepi: Bad Data

Brandon Avery Joyce: Karaoke, TikTok, and Mimesis

Elias ZX: REBIRTH.jpeg

Sean Jewell: "corredora" & "Unhyphenate -Me"

Alexander Quiquero: Critique of Josh

Marie Larsen: Everyone is Bored, Everything is Boring

Reuben Dendinger: Review of Gillian Wearing: Wearing Masks

Noura Tafeche: 75 Tbps of Cute Violence Compass

Anna Eisenman: Some Sign Pt2

Toniann Fernandez: BIODYMANIA

Sean J Patrick Carney & Thomas J Gamble: BACK\SLASHER\02

Sean J Patrick Carney & Thomas J Gamble: BACK\SLASHER\01

Julianna Ham: Starterpack

Holly Overton: After Geoengineering Paintings

Christopher Michael: WHOLEEARTHBELOWME

Pneumatic Materials: Digital Pseudepigraphy

DJ Meisner: Burning Houses and How to Paint Them

Troy Scully: Selected Works


Trent Crawford & Stanton Cornish-Ward: LOCK

Logan Bruni: To The Heavens

Pneumatic Materials: Episode 0

Nick Bird: They Speak to you Like You Are Children

Joe Iovino: Neoliberal Children's Books

Eamon Levesque: We Need To Talk About Mikey

Rachel Jackson: Chris Chan’s Gift to Mia Hamm: No More Virgin With Rage

Andy Bennett: Subjects and Objects

Drew (Kunai): Bootleg Adidas

John Fullmer: Symbology Jacket

Max Dauven: Assuming Control

Paige K B: laugh(riot)

Michael Bikeal: Skitching w/NPCs

Jakob Maier: Friend

Annebel Breij: Capitalist Realism Meme Book

DJ Big Dumb Idiot: Parasite

Pixel Austerity: Brand Manifesto


Do Not Research: Mont‐Pèlerin Field Trip

Travis Hunnie: Dark Forests and Student Organizing

CCRUwU: Ambient 4K ASMR TV New 1080p MEME Compilation 2022

Dale Eisinger: Appropriating Celebrity: The Efficiency of Digital Detournement

Ferg: Contemporary Animation Technique and Aesthetics

Do Not Research: Bang Reviews

Theo Belci: Vessel JR

S. Posner: The Perils of Decentralization: The Internet-as-Protocol

Ruba Al-Sweel: The Map of Hell

Gustav Heinsen: KidZania; Branding a Society

Portal Reading Group: DNR & Trust

Attila Haraszti: The Dire, Bullshit Economics of Twitch Creators