Dang. It would have been a more endearing story if he just off-ed himself instead of going all ou-wee, I cannot contain my death drive and need to take it out on the world. I still think that his story outlines the basic contradiction of today - is he at fault or is „the system“ at fault (that ruined his mother, himself, that offered him drugs when it should have offered him love). Well, how would the system change until the people in it don't decide to go for love instead of going for drugs, lifting and journaling about Trump? I think this is one of the things that haunts the works of Fisher. Like, Capitalist Realism is the socio-cultural-political, whatever, predicament we find ourselves in. Neoliberal hegemony has established itself firmly, but not just on some alienated systematic level, but on the level of our very cognition, our perception of time, so on and so forth. So, when we are embodiments of the system, where do you go and who takes the blame? Yeah, the answer is not going to be clear until we see a formation, a political happening that just feels like the opposite of that story, you know? When are we going to stop doing remakes of Taxi driver? Thank you for the text - this is the type of journalism, which gives rise to these questions, and we need this.

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